Welcome to ClearValue Hearing

ClearValue Hearing exists to serve its members by providing information on Hearing Aids to people with Hearing Loss. We operate a Free Hearing Benefits Program for people all over the United States and our members are entitled to a Free Hearing Test no matter where they go, and receive better pricing on instruments than the general public. We have negotiated a set service plan and pricing breakdown with audiologists and hearing professionals around the country to better combat the problem of hearing loss.

There is no commercial obligation to be a member of ClearValue Hearing, this is a free service to better address the epidemic of hearing loss nationwide. 

Many people take up to 7 years from the moment they notice they have a loss to do anything to help their hearing. If by posting up to date information about new hearing aid technology, hearing news, tips for caregivers and family members, or general advice on aging well, we are able to get someone the help they need sooner, we will have achieved our goal of combating hearing loss

Our membership is currently open, if you or a loved one has a hearing loss, please take the time to give us a call and see how we can help.

Call 1.888.439.5775 for the next steps to better hearing. 

Andrew Lekashman