ClearValue Hearing Aid Benefits Plan

If you are like most people in America with hearing loss, your insurance doesn't cover hearing aids. ClearValue Hearing was created as a nationwide hearing healthcare benefits plan to make hearing aids more affordable for everyone. By organizing through a single plan, we are able to partner directly with a major hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey Hearing Technologies, to provide lower cost hearing aids to anyone in our network. 

We have put together detailed explanation of the included features offered to members of ClearValue Hearing. We know that insurance plans and fine print can be very confusing and our program prides itself on using simple language, clear explanations, and benefits you can understand. 

Products and Hearing Provider Network

This is a great resource for anyone looking to buy hearing aids, but concerned about high prices or unreliable products. Many hearing amplifiers, retail hearing aids, and wireless earbuds appear to provide "better hearing", but are essentially toys or extremely outdated technology. ClearValue Hearing only recommends providers that have been cleared as professional, honest, medical professionals who will provide only the most recent hearing aid technology through our plan. We update our product list for In-Plan Hearing Technology every year to make sure that ClearValue Hearing members only receive the newest and most up to date medical devices. 

Coverage and Insurance

To make sure that the devices work well for many years and are insured, we offer a two year protection plan, complimentary with all devices. For premium devices, the protection plan is three years, though this may vary depending on the device selected. Many of our members live busy, active lifestyles, and people lose hearing aids everyday. Instead of having to spend a considerable amount on a new set, we make it easy to replace lost or broken hearing aids with a very low deductible. 

60-Day Trial

To make sure that the devices you receive through the ClearValue Hearing program work the way you want them to, all members are entitled to a 60-Day Risk Free Trial period with a money back guarantee on the hearing aids. We negotiated this trial period so that anyone with hearing loss is able to wear a device for a long enough time to become accustomed to the new sound. If you do not see an improvement in your life and ability to hear in those 60 days, we ask that you return the hearing aids and recoup your investment.*

Free Annual Testing - For Life

In our experience, many people have their hearing tested a few times when they are in grade school and then ignore their hearing until they notice something wrong. Very often, by the time an appointment is made with an audiologist or hearing specialist, significant irreversible damage to a person's hearing has already occurred. To help you and your family avoid this, we offer Free Annual Hearing Tests to all ClearValue Hearing members and their loved ones. A yearly test helps provide you with a baseline for your hearing, and will allow you to quickly learn if you have developed any sort of hearing loss. This does not cost anything, this provides you and your family with valuable information about your health, and will be strongly recommended by any medical professional. 

*Some professional service fees may apply.