Wondering if you need a membership?

  • Can you hear, but not understand?

  • Do you ask people to repeat themselves often?

  • Are you having difficulty hearing women and children speak?

Answering yes to any of these questions means you may have a hearing loss.

If you require amplification, having a hearing benefit can dramatically reduce the cost of hearing aids.


You can either apply above, or speak to a live person from ClearValue Hearing by calling the following number:


New members are required to have their hearing checked by a professional, at no cost. Appointments typically take one hour and the results can be provided to you and your primary care doctor.

Membership Benefits

ClearValue Hearing's mission is to provide individuals and their families with a comprehensive hearing benefit, a national provider network and savings on the purchase of hearing aids. CVH is available to all businesses, organizations and insurance groups, regardless of size.

  • FREE annual hearing assessment for you and your immediate family
  • Referrals to CVH's network of recommended local hearing professionals
  • Advanced hearing solutions with the latest in hearing aid technology
  • Exclusive Discounts on advanced technology hearing aids by Starkey Hearing Technologies
  • FREE batteries (1-box per instrument with purchase of a new aid)